Diamond Ring Price In Pakistan: How Much Will I Spend To Buy One?   

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With the ongoing wedding season, a common concern arises how much will a diamond ring price in Pakistan? What is the minimum I would have to spend?  The amount you spend on a diamond ring in Pakistan depends on your budget and the size or quality of the diamond. An average Diamond ring price in Pakistan can be from 29,000 PKR to around 70,000 PKR.   

The cost will also depend on the four Cs of the diamond, color, carat, clarity, and cut. The color is a very prominent feature of a diamond and, not surprisingly, the first thing you notice about it. A colorless diamond would normally be cheaper than the popular black, pink and yellow diamond. A more expensive type of diamond is white, red, blue, and green diamonds. Diamonds of these colors can cost more than a few 100,000 PKR.  

We are sure you must have heard the term, carat from your mothers or grandmothers! A carat usually refers to the weight of the diamond. A typical one-carat diamond ring can cost you about 131,000 rupees. Carat weight is one of the very important factors when determining how much you want to spend. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is divided into 100 points.   

Moving on to the clarity of a diamond. As the term explains, the clarity of a diamond refers to how many blemishes or inclusions it has on it. It is rare to achieve full clarity. The greater the clarity, the greater the amount. Thus, a second-hand diamond ring price in Pakistan will cost you less than a new diamond.   

Finally, it is the cut of the diamond. The cut of the diamond has the biggest impact on defining its attractiveness out of all the factors. The more precise the diamond is cut, the greater the price. It means that you are paying for the cutter’s expertise and the diamond ring itself.  

Where can I buy a diamond ring in Pakistan?  

One of the most common concerns about buying a diamond ring is where to buy it from? Whose authenticity can you trust? There are several prestige jewelers all around Pakistan, but here are some of our top picks:  

ARY jewelers are one of the most well-known brands in Pakistan. With over 3 locations in Karachi, there is no doubt that they provide one of the finest quality and prices.   

Another top-notch jewelry brand in Pakistan is Fazal jewelers. Their diamond collection is a symbol of the greatest quality and design and is mostly located in Lahore, Pakistan.  

Haroon Sharif is expertise in traditional cuts and magnificent quality. With a wide range of outlets around Lahore, the brand is made quite a name of itself and is known to be one of the best jewelers in Pakistan.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What type of diamond should I buy?  

According to our experts, you should buy a diamond that has the neatest cut and good clarity. These characteristics make the diamond look more captivating to the eye. Yellow diamonds are also making a trend and are in high demand.  

Q: How many carat diamond rings should I buy?  

It again depends on your budget. However, if you have a ring size smaller than 6.5, you should consider a 1-carat stone. If you have a larger ring size, 1.5 to 2 carats seems ideal.  

Q: How should I know what diamond shape to buy?  

For someone with petite hands or short fingers, small-sized diamond rings look the best. Examples are pear-shaped diamonds, marquise, and oval-shaped diamonds. Luckily, they are also cheaper. However, suppose you have big hands or fat fingers. In that case, you may want a wide oval, marquise, emerald, or rectangular-shaped diamond because it may look more flattery for your hand shape.  

To Sum It All Up  

Conclusively, the price of a diamond ring largely depends on the type of quality, size, and cut. Good-quality diamond rings will likely cost you an arm and a leg. However, we are sure that you can certainly find a suitable diamond ring for your budget with the above information.   







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