Five Best Makeup Brands In Pakistan

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The Pakistani cosmetic industry has primarily improved in the last ten years. Pakistani makeup brands have broken the misconception of them not being good enough and have made a name for them. Read ahead to learn about the five best makeup brands in Pakistan that are not only budget-friendly but also excel in quality.

1.     Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK has been in business for over a decade and is Pakistan’s largest growing brand. Rivaj UK is a household name for Pakistani makeup artists and salons. From nail polishes to sunscreens and exceptional makeup items, Rivaj has you covered! One of their most famous items is their wide variety of lip products. From excellent lip crayons to liquid lipsticks and glosses, Rivaj UK has it all. The best part about these is that they are incredibly comfortable and safe.

Additionally, their price range is also a significant factor. Their products range from 100rs to almost 3000rs. Isn’t being able to find every cosmetic item under 3000rs a treat? You can find Rivaj UK online and at any cosmetic store near you!

2.     Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Masarrat Misbah Makeup is another Pakistani makeup brand, but it is more on the high-end side. Musarrat Misbah has been one of the industry’s oldest and most respected Pakistani beauticians for many decades. Musarrat Misbah initially came out with their silk foundation and powder. These two products shook the Pakistani makeup industry and became makeup artists’ favorite products. Soon, they came out with eyeliner, contour palettes, brow pallets; you name it! With 236k Instagram followers, Masarrat Makeup has made a global name for itself. Their prices range from 1500rs to 4000rs which is impeccable for the packaging and quality. The best part about this brand that makes it stand out is its inclusivity. They have shades for people of all colors and skin tones. A big problem with the Pakistani makeup industry is that they tend to marginalize people of color; however, Masarrat Misbah plans on changing this.

3.     Zay Beauty

Zay Beauty is another one of Pakistan’s top 5 best makeup brands. It’s a women-owned business that has made its space in the cosmetic industry and earned its recognition. The most remarkable thing about this brand is its phenomenal packaging. Zay Beauty started with their lip creams, and what got people’s attention were the funny names of the shades. They soon expanded their brand and built an empire, from creating highlighters to foundations to their newly launched 2 in 1 Hay liner. Their social media presence and marketing team has attracted many customers to their page, and it’s safe to say they have made it big! We can only expect more amazing launches from Zay beauty. They have an incredible price range from 1500rs up to 5000rs with regular sales and bundles.

4.     Christine

Christine is perhaps one of the oldest Pakistani brands on our list. Christine is a locally available brand that has everything and anything you need! From nail polishes to eye shadows and lipsticks, Christine has made a name for itself. Christine products are available online such as daraz. You must have Christine products in your mum’s or grandmother’s collection. Their lip colors come in various shades and are their best-selling items. Their TV paint sticks are also very popular because of their creamy texture and full coverage. Their price range varies from 300rs to 2000rs. You must not expect the most fantastic quality from Christine considering the price. Still, there is no doubt that they have some fantastic products that are worth your money.

5.     Bling by Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain, who has a massive following for her incredible social media presence, has recently introduced her cosmetic brand, Bling by Nadia, and is doing very well in the market. Nadia Hussain is an all-rounder who has been in the limelight for her credible acting and modeling skills and for running a salon. She has once again put her expertise into a brand that is now one of Pakistan’s top makeup brands. Bling by Nadia has covered everything you need, from soft glam to heavy glam. From full coverage foundations to highlighters and glitters, the brand has provided its customers with incredible variety. What stands out the most about this brand is that, unlike others, they introduce trending products such as body highlighters and bubblegum primers. Their makeup products also range from 1500rs to 5000rs. 

To sum it all up!

The Pakistani cosmetic industry is revamping and upping its game each year. Many makeup artists have put their passion into a business in the last decade and changed the makeup world! We hope the above information about the top 5 best makeup brands in Pakistan was helpful and that you took the initiative of supporting our Pakistani brands. 







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