Five Low-Price Perfumes In Pakistan

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Are you someone who is a perfume lover? Are you unable to find long-lasting perfumes that don’t cost an arm and leg? Keep reading ahead to learn about some exquisite budget-friendly fragrances in Pakistan. Perfumes are essential to everyone’s daily routines, as they should be! Maintaining good body odor in this humid and sunny weather is necessary. Here are five low price perfumes in Pakistan.

1.     Kohasaa Perfume

Kohasaa Perfumes offer a premium line of fine fragrances in Pakistan that are not only exceptional qualities but are also long-lasting. They have recently collaborated with celebrities like Aiman Khan and Muneeb butt to create new and unique scents. Oudh by Aiman Khan and Oudh by Muneeb butt has become one of their best sellers. Customers have written excellent reviews about this brand and have commended their impeccable packaging and excellent quality. Not only has this, but Kohasaa Perfumes also had reasonable prices. Their perfumes range from 2500rs to 5500rs, and the best part is they have frequent sales and bundles going on, such as buy two and get half the price of free delivery for orders over a certain amount. They are locally available at supermarkets like chase-up and online at their website and other online platforms like daraz. 

2.     Khaadi

Khaadi is a renowned brand that has been in business for a few decades now. From being a small retail clothing store, Khaadi has built its empire and introduced jewelry, shoes, and perfumes! The brand has recently introduced an extensive fragrance line that has broken the perfume industry! From body mists to perfume, Khaadi has got you covered. Their prices, packaging, and longevity have impressed customers to their core. They provide an exquisite range of floral scents such as their “Perfect Magic” body mist and bold and strong ones like “love charm.” Their newly launched body mists have already come into trend. Khaadi perfumes and mists have a starting price of only 1000rs, which can go on depending on the type of scent you like! Their friendly and safe packaging makes their product extremely efficient and travel-friendly. You can shop Khaadi perfumes at your nearest mall or Khaadi stores or online.

3.     Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is perhaps one of the most acknowledged perfume brands in Pakistan. The best part about Junaid Jamsheed perfumes is that they are incredibly inclusive. They have perfumes for men, women, and unisex at different price ranges. Junaid Jamsheed has also collaborated with celebrities like Wasim Akram. They have created a unique scent that has become extremely famous. Not only that, but their 502 perfume for women and recently launched Zarrar perfume won their customers’ hearts. What stands out about Junaid Jamshed the most is its packaging. Their packaging is outstanding for the price and is no less than any high-end brand. Their starting price is from 3000rs and goes on. It might be a little expensive for some people. Still, the top-notch quality and packaging are unbeatable compared to any other Pakistani brand.

4.     Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi has been in business since 2012 and was a women’s exclusive clothing line. However, in the last decade, the brand has significantly improved and has introduced men’s wear and their perfume line! They were the first Pakistani clothing brands to take the initiative of introducing a perfume line. Their perfumes soon became a hit, with “Wanted” as their most famous scents. The solid and sweet scent is perfect for men and is one of their best sellers. One of their best-selling women’s perfumes is “Charisma.” This spellbinding scent is exactly like the name suggests, charismatic! Bonanza Satrangi has become a household name in Pakistan. If you have never tried a Pakistani perfume brand, Bonanza Satrangi is a great place to start! Their prices range from 3000rs to 5000rs which is commendable for their wide variety and longevity. 

5.     Miniso

Even though Miniso low price perfume in Pakistan is not a Pakistani brand, we cannot go without mentioning it. Miniso has also become a household name in Pakistan and is locally available in Pakistan. They have one of the best perfume collections, and the best part about them is the excellent price. You could get a decent perfume for under 2000rs. They keep coming out with new collections and soon go out of stock. They are available online and in stores. Miniso also has extraordinary pocket perfumes. They are great to carry throughout the day, especially in Pakistan’s hot and sweaty weather. Their packaging is also very safe and travel-friendly. Hence, if you don’t want to carry heavy bottles in your suitcases, you can get a small-sized one from Miniso!


The key to making a good impression is to smell and have a good scent. However, in today’s economy, it might get difficult for some people to afford high-end perfumes. Still, thanks to our Pakistani brands, people can enjoy luxury at a low price. We hope the above information about the top 5 low price perfumes in Pakistan helped you find your desired fragrance on a budget!






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