Four Best Dermatologists In Islamabad

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We have countless blessings to be grateful for, but sometimes we take a few for granted. One such blessing is our skin. That’s right, our skin. We tend to treat the most exposed part of our body in the worst ways possible. This is because our skin does so much for us, protecting us from heat and germs. In addition, our skin is an indicator of our health and hygiene since a slight change in color or feel can be a symptom of how you might need medical attention.

Similar to other parts of our body, the skin has its problems too. Since our skin is the most exposed to dust, sunlight, and dirt, it tends to get affected by many conditions. For example, it can get itchy, and there can be redness or rash. Other common skin problems include getting wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation due to various reasons.

The solution to all your skin problems lies in a visit to a good dermatologist. Similar to other specialists, a dermatologist is a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating skin-related diseases and hair and nail-related ones. Now, we know there are various dermatologists in Islamabad, and it is tough luck finding the ones who treat you just as you want. It is a task to find ones who are not miles away and are affordable, too. That is why we are here to assist you in your search for the best dermatologist in Islamabad. We have compiled a few highly professional yet skilled dermatologists in Islamabad. Without further ado, here are our suggestions:

  • Dr. Zartash Arshad

Dr. Zartash Arshad is a renowned skin specialist with the right skills and ability to deal with a wide range of issues her patients go through. Her expertise lies in skin, hair, and nail-related domains. She deals with skincare consultation, Skin Cancer Surgery, mesotherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Derman Fillers, and several other things. She is a Registered Medical Professional with 23 years of experience in the field, so she has dealt with various ordinary and unique cases throughout her career. She is also an aesthetic physician and cosmetologist, apart from being one of the best dermatologists in the field. She offers treatments for acne, its scars, skin tumors, eczema, facial disfigurement and alopecia, and other similar issues. She also deals with patients who want Carbon Facials and body contouring. 

Her services aren’t limited to only grown-ups. She is well-versed in all major and minor treatments required for different age groups. Furthermore, as per numerous reviews, she truly cares for her patients and carefully crafts a treatment plan as per the need of every individual.

She is available at DermaCure Laser Centre, Office no.4, 1st floor, Khyber Plaza, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad. You can call at 04238900939 for further details.

  • Dr. Saima Khan

Dr. Saima Khan is a very well-known dermatologist in Islamabad and is regarded as the best dermatologist in Islamabad among a few others in the field. She has expertise in services relating to acne, chemical peeling, consultations, and facelift without surgery. Dr. Saima Khan also deals with people who want to opt for fillers and get hair treatments done. She has deep knowledge of the advanced practices, procedures, and tools required to carry out these treatments according to the International standard Dermatology Consultation.   

With a 12-year experience in her field, she currently practices at the Specialist Clinic and Skin Care Clinic in Islamabad, where she serves as a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Laser Specialist. 

According to patient reviews, Dr. Saima is a very kind and humble lady despite being so successful and far ahead in her career. She patiently listens to her patients and provides clear instructions as well. There have been positive comments regarding her staff, too. She also offers online consultations. You can also book an appointment with her here

Address: Skin Care Clinic, Pak Lane Medical Center, Plot # 14-X, Lower Ground Floor, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. 

  • Dr. Adil Hamayun

Dr. Adil Hamayun is one of the highly trained dermatologists in Islamabad with an experience of more than ten years in this particular field. He seems to be doing quite well in this field since he has been consulted by patients globally for procedures and skin problems as complex as scar revision, intralesional injections, and shave biopsy. In addition, he specializes in cosmetic surgeries as well and assists people in dealing with their insecurities. 

He has trained in Thailand and Japan with a few of the best dermatologists in the world. Hence, his name is also associated with some top organizations that bring him recognition in the cosmetic industry. However, his recognition is very well-deserved since he possesses the right abilities and training to conduct the required surgeries and procedures. 

He offers treatments for a wide range of issues, a few of which include laser hair removal, treatment of scars as well as dark spots, dermal fillers, jowl tightening, and face lifting. His reviews speak of his professionalism and showcase the satisfaction of his patients.

You can find him at Klinic18 at Beverly Centre, 29, Mezzanine Floor, Islamabad. 

  • Dr. Nazia Akhtar

Dr. Nazia Akhtar is another renowned skin specialist in Islamabad. With over eight years of experience, she offers services regarding Acne treatment, cosmetology, removal of warts, and Intense Pulsed Light. She is also known for treating conditions of ingrown toenails, psoriasis, fungal infections, syphilis, and other skin diseases. With a hundred percent positive comments on her profile, Dr. Nazia is a well-trained and highly dedicated dermatologist. She is considered the best dermatologist in Islamabad among a few others in the field who can provide quality treatments via advanced procedures and tools. You can book an appointment for Dr. Nazia here

She is available at Rehman Medical Centre at Alay Plaza, First floor, Office Tower Plaza, 44 East Fazl-e-Haq Road, near PIA Head Office, Islamabad. 


Our skin, hair, and nail require just as much attention as the rest of our body. It is crucial to take proper care of your skin and have awareness about overall health. Regular checkups with a dermatologist can help detect any underlying issues that might be detrimental to your organs. Treating yourself well must be a priority for everyone, and we hope you visit the best dermatologist in Islamabad and get the treatment you need to be your best, confident self. Some treatments improve the look of your skin too. Visit a dermatologist for assistance in winning against your insecurities! 






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