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Pakistani Female soldiers

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Every person who goes around in search of a rewarding profession in the country of Pakistan will perhaps consider joining the army. Thousands of youngsters are hoping to be chosen to join the armed forces. Not just because of the advantages but also because of the chosen profession’s purpose. They give it their all to be army enlisted by looking out for every new opening for which they are qualified. From visiting recruitment centers to applying to join the Pak army online registration via the official website, joining the military takes a lot of effort. However, the genuinely passionate ones head-on through the tough times bravely.

Pakistanis are a perfect example of a truly patriotic nation. The Pakistani army enjoys unimaginable admiration and respect. And why shouldn’t they be honored? They deserve it all. They are serving our country by ensuring that the land and its people are safe from anyone who intends to harm them. They risk their lives and the lives of their families to protect their beloved country.

If you are one of those eager to join the Pak army, then without further ado, let’s look at all the possibilities of how you can join the Pak army and for what position.

Registration Criteria:

The Pakistan army has openings for youngsters as soon as they finish their matric grade and intermediate. With each passing education level, there is an opportunity for everyone. There are openings for all students, from those who have completed their intermediate to those who have recently graduated.

The requirements, however, don’t just end at the education level. There are a few more considerations made since the army is more than simply intelligence. The Pakistan Army’s official page, which contains instructions on registering for the Pakistan Army online, already has all the necessary information. Each position’s requirements may be different. It allows women of all ages to express their desire to serve the country. Here, we’ve included the relevant opportunities for women in clear terms that you could find useful.

·         Armed Forces Nursing Service: The Army Nursing Service offers two different commission levels. You can register for AFNS – BSc Nursing – Female if you have finished your matric (science) with a minimum of 60% and FSc (Pre-medical) with a minimum of 50%. The eligibility age range for this is 17 to 25 years old. You may apply for Trained Nurse as Lieutenant – Female if you have a nursing diploma, a BSc in Generic Nursing, or a Post-RN BSc in Nursing. Age restrictions for this range from 18 to 28 years old.

·         Lady Cadet Course: Holding 16 years of education in relevant fields, girls can join the Pakistan army as captains through this Lady Cadet Course. Females can register themselves if they have completed their degrees in Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Supply Chain, Communication, etc., with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA out of 4. In addition to these educational qualifications, other physical criteria must be met, such as a minimum height requirement of 152.4 cm. Other typical prerequisites include being single and less than 28 years old. Candidates for this course who are chosen will fall under the ISPR, Corps of Engineers, Corps of Ordnance, and Corps of Signals categories, among others.

·         Short Service Regular Commission: Through a Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC), women can join the Pakistan Army as Captains or Majors. Females from Pakistan can be chosen into various categories, ranging from General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs) as Captain to Classified and Subspecialists as Majors. Both married and single women who meet the minimum age requirement of 28 and physical requirements for height and weight can register. Most educational requirements involve MBBS and pertinent specialties, although PMDC-recognized equivalent credentials can also be accepted.

Before proceeding to register for any openings, you must ensure that you have the necessary documents. That includes your academic transcripts, report cards, proof of residency, and an updated national identity card. Other than that, medical professionals must carry their certifications for household jobs.

There are physical and online registration alternatives available. Females who meet the prerequisites can visit the Army Selection and Recruitment Centers. Or they can go to the official website of the Pakistan Army, where they can join Pak army online registration. The Pakistan Army offers possibilities each year for anyone who wants to join the Pak Army. Newspaper advertisements are used for promotion, and the website is routinely updated with pertinent data.


Pakistan has developed over the years, particularly regarding the issue of female representation in the workplace. Women have not only demonstrated their abilities, but they have also raised countless flags for this nation. If we’re talking about the military, Pakistan is proud of the women who serve in it. From Major General Shahida Malik to Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, Pakistani women have inspiring role models they may admire. Females who are enthusiastic about serving their nation are more than welcome to enlist in the army since they can disprove all stereotypes about females and their power.






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