Kashees Makeup Products Price List for 2022

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that makeup is an expression of oneself, but it’s not only that. It’s also how one enhances one’s beauty.

Here at Kashees, a renowned beauty parlor by Kashif Aslam, you are free to explore the art of enhancing your beauty with the best professionals and products available in the industry. Kashees parlors can be found in two locations: at main Tariq Road and Gulshan in Karachi, Pakistan. It not only claims to deliver high-end salon services but also ensures it’s not too difficult on the wallet. These parlors are created to perfection to provide the greatest quality services to their consumers through their highly trained staff.

Kashees’ services include but are not limited to skincare, makeup, massages, extensions, and various other things. Since Kashees’ makeup is what helped it enter the industry, we have compiled the Kashees makeup products price list they offer for you. So, if you were looking for prices of Kashees makeup products, you’ve come to the right place!

They offer a wide range of makeup products in numerous shades, so it’s convenient for different women to find the perfect shade for themselves. Some of their most selling products include their highly defined formula foundation that suits all skin types. Another one is their mascaras with perfectly shaped wands that help add volume to one’s lashes. How can we forget their lipsticks? They offer lipsticks in countless shades, from nudes to the brightest reds, to match and amp all your looks no matter the time of the day.

However, their products are not limited to only foundations, mascaras, and lipsticks. They offer something as basic as a primer at affordable rates to other more advanced makeup products like eye shadow palettes, blushes, brushes, and nail paints. We have gathered the prices of these products right here in one space to make it convenient for you to get your hands on them before the store runs out of them!

Not to forget, you can even order all these products from the comfort of your home while you’re in bed and want to reward yourself with something good that won’t cost you a fortune. It’s all just one click away once you visit their official website.

It is safe to say that Kashees has carved its way into the industry in such a short time. It has successfully become one of Karachi’s finest beauty salons, not just because of its unique and creative makeup looks. But also because of how polite and accommodating its staff is. Over the past few years, those bold eye looks and matte lips with highly defined cheeks have made their mark on the entertainment industry. And makeup enthusiasts are always eager to follow in the footsteps of such professionals. Hence, Kashees makeup products are the first choice for so many makeup geeks.

Here’s a list  of Kashees makeup products prices list that is not only pocket friendly but also long-lasting and effective:


Dream Rose Eyeshadow Palette₨ 3,500
Vintage Garden Eyeshadow Palette₨ 3,000
Vintage Queen Eyeshadow Palette₨ 3,500
Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow Palette₨ 3,000
Diva Eyeshadow Palette₨ 3,000
Sparkle Shimmer & Shine₨ 1,800
Golden Girl Eyeshadow Palette₨ 2,500


Velvet Matte Lipstick Box₨ 2,000
Exclusive Line Lipstick₨ 1,000
Matte Liquid Lipstick₨ 1,000
Long Lasting Lip Gloss₨ 1,000
Lip Gloss₨ 1,000
Cherry Red Pigment₨ 1,500
Lip Liner₨ 350


Liquid Foundation Even tone High Coverage₨ 3,000
24 Hours Water Proof Liquid Foundation₨ 3,000
Super Matte Liquid Foundation₨ 3,000
Satin Finish Ultra Glow Foundation₨ 3,000
High Definition Liquid Foundation₨ 2,000
Cinema Skin Foundation₨ 2,500
Compact Powder₨ 2,800
Gold & Glow Primer₨ 2,500
Ultra Perfect Primer₨ 2,300
Glass Skin Beauty Oil₨ 2,300
Super Loose Powder₨ 2,000
Loose Highlighter₨ 2,000
Makeup Setting Spray₨ 1,800


The above mentioned are the latest prices of some of their makeup products. You can contact them at their store for more details about the Kashees makeup products price list. Hurry up, grab your preferred long-lasting, high-quality products before they run out.







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