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Are you having trouble finding good Pakistani brands to shop for western and eastern wear? Well, look no further. Finding good quality and budget-friendly clothes has become extremely difficult today, especially for students and part-time workers who are on a budget. Hence, we have combined a list of the top 5 Pakistani brands that not only provide outstanding quality but are also reasonable:

1.     Khaadi

The first brand on our list is none other than Khaadi. The prestigious company was opened in 1998 and has achieved incredible success for its fashion on a budget. Khaadi is famous primarily for recreating traditional designs while giving them a modern touch. Khaadi is only preferred by men and women looking for everyday wear. Likewise, this brand is a massive attraction to students. It offers a diverse range of clothing, such as stitched and unstitched eastern wear. Recently, it has also introduced its western wear, which is currently trendy. They have clothes for every shape and size. They cater to almost every style, from sleeveless Kurtis and heavy formal wear to western dresses. You can find shirt pieces and trousers for as low as 1500 to 18000 PKR. This modest yet exceptionally fashionable brand is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan

2.     Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz, unlike Khaadi, is a high-end clothing brand in Pakistan. Their diverse collection of prints and colors makes customers in awe of them. It is one of the oldest Pakistani brands, mainly famous for its fantastic collection of affordable formal wear. Readymade formal wears are very hard to find in Pakistan; however, brands like Sana Safinaz are changing that. They also have an excellent collection of bridal wear.

Additionally, they also deeply care about their international clients. Hence, the brand provides international shipping. With over 30 retail stores across Pakistan, the brand has made its mark for its elegant and classic designs. 

3.     Maria B

Maria B is one of the most recruited brands in Pakistan. Maria B is a woman-owned business known for its incredible detail and outstanding quality. Maria Butt launched her brand with a small amount of investment in 1999. The brand, since then, has only been on the road to success. From luxury pets to bridal wear, Maria B has it all. They have also recently introduced their jewelry brand, where they focus on reviving traditional and old-school jewelry pieces. Moreover, their collections comprise extravagant cuts and a diverse color range perfect for night outs and weddings. The brand also provides online consultation for its international clients and worldwide shipping. 

4.     Agha Noor

Agha Noor was launched in 2011 by two sisters aged 18 and 22. It wasn’t long ago that the brand started becoming extremely famous. It is one of the few brands that offer affordable party wear. They provide an excellent size and color range. Not only has this, but their comfortable quality and attention to detail impressed the Pakistani audience. They are primarily famous for their exquisite thread and minimal touch work that creates a rich look. They intensely focus on creating pieces that are suited for a variety of occasions. The brand also provides an online shopping service which means you can now shop from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, their creative play with fabric makes their clothing one of the most breathable and luxurious pieces.

5.    Sapphire

Last but not least on our list is Sapphire. Sapphire was already very famous for its creative and high-end eastern wear; however, it has recently introduced a wide variety of western pieces. The brand is one of the number 1 brands in Pakistan that is vastly changing the fashion game. The eastern wear brand introduced western wear and its cosmetic and shoe line. From unstitched to men’s wear, they have got you covered! They have recently introduced solids and breezy summer wear that are trending. The brand is known for its excellent customer service and affordable rates. Sapphire also has a website that allows you to browse its new collection. They also ship all over Pakistan, which is great for working people who don’t have time for in-store shopping. They have also introduced new modest wear comprising abayas, hijabs, and more. It is a big revolution, especially for Pakistani women. Therefore there is no doubt that Sapphire should be on your list when shopping for clothes, jewelry, or cosmetics. 

To sum it all up!

Finding good and comfortable clothing brands is a dream of every Pakistani. Fortunately, the Pakistani fashion industry, unlike in the old times, has evolved dramatically and continues to do so. From moving to modest western wear to keeping the eastern shalwar kameez tradition alive, the Pakistani fashion industry is making big worldwide. We hope the above-mentioned clothing brands in Pakistan proved helpful and helped you find a brand that suits your style and budget.






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