Top Shoe Brands In Pakistan

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When it comes to putting together sophisticated outfits, shoes play a vital role in completing your look. Finding the right shoes is not just about looking and feeling good once a person is dressed decently but also about leaving an impression on others. How you dress, walk, and carry yourself contributes a lot more than you can imagine to how others might perceive you. And wearing good quality, comfortable shoes would help you portray yourself well.

Buying shoes isn’t just about finding one of the highest quality but also about finding one that suits your taste and style. Something that will help you wear a look that enables you to express yourself.

There is a variety of shoe brands in Pakistan that offer good-quality shoes. We have compiled a list of brands that provide the highest quality shoes and most intricately designed styles to match your personality while providing you with the utmost comfort.

Here are the top shoe brands for men in Pakistan:

Women love shopping, but it’s a well-known fact that men don’t bother shopping as much as their other halves do. Hence, when it comes to shoes, men usually want something durable but comfortable. Here’s when the following shoe brands come in because they are one of the top shoe brands in Pakistan for men.

  • Borjan Shoes

Borjan Shoes is a leading fashion footwear retailer, and they have managed to make their name in the industry with their wide range of shoe designs. They offer shoes from something as casual as sneakers to other formal leather shoes. Their prices are not too heavy on the pockets. That’s why Borjan Shoes is the first choice of various Pakistani men when they have to buy shoes. You can grab your favorite shoes from your nearest stores or even place an order online.

  • English Boot House (EBH)

EBH is another one of the most renowned and oldest shoe brands in Pakistan. Their sophisticated designs not only help boost confidence. But their soft sole also helps its customers stay on their feet without discomfort. EBH is widely known for its formal shoes. They have stores in about 10 locations in Karachi where you can go and get your hands on the pair that matches your style.

  • Hush puppies

Hush Puppies is known to be the favorite shoe brand for Pakistani men due to the finest quality products it sells. It keeps up with the latest trends and offers a variety of styles for all occasions. Their shoes tend to be the most suitable for travel because of how comfortable their shoes are. The kind of decent colors that they produce, for example, black, beige, and brown, make their shoes an all-rounder since these colors go well with all sorts of outfits. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hush puppies shoes are one-color-fits-all. You can grab your fit from your nearest store. They have stores in various locations in several major cities of Pakistan.

  • Bata

Bata is one of the oldest shoe companies in Pakistan. It has established such a market for itself that it’s a household name now. It not only provides shoes of peak quality but also has a store in hundreds of locations in numerous cities all over the country. That makes it convenient for its customers to go and grab their favorite pair of shoes in one go. Alongside offering all types of shoes for men, Bata is widely known for its school shoes for kids. Does anyone remember Bubblegummers by Bata? It has shoes for all ages.

  • Sputnik

Sputnik is one of the oldest brands, operating in Pakistan since 1967. Their shoes are one of a kind, and they not only deal in formal leather shoes for men but also offer other types of sandals and chappals for various casual occasions. Their pocket-friendly and top-notch quality shoes have helped it maintain its name in the market. They operate in three major cities of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. So the next time you’re exploring one of the cities, make sure to grab one of their pairs to experience comfort as no other shoes provide.

Top Shoe Brands For Women:

  • Unze London

Unze London is a brand based in the UK but has outlets in Pakistan in well-known locations. If you’re in search of some casual flats or sandals for work or even shimmery heels for a party, you’ve found the right store! Unze London has a variety of all different kinds of shoes for women (and men). With their intricate and modern designs, we’re sure you’ll find the right pick for all the occasions here.

  • ECS

Ehsan Chappal Store (ECS) started from Anarkali Bazaar and has climbed up to the most famous footwear brand with stores in well-known malls. It is all because of its long-lasting and unique products. They may have started from the bottom, but now they’re ruling the market.

  • Stylo

Stylo Shoes is women’s favorite shoe store here in Pakistan. They not only have slippers, wedges, and sandals for casual wear but also offer a wide variety of bridal wear at affordable rates, which have contributed to its fame in every household in Pakistan. With their unique designs and heels available in all sizes to suit your taste, Stylo Shoes is where you’ll find your dream footwear. They have stores in all the famous locations in several cities of Pakistan

  • Walkeaze

Walkeaze is another one of the most renowned footwear retailers in Pakistan. It has become one of the top footwear choices for women with its excellent customer service. They are not only known for their shoes but also deal in trendy and latest designs of handbags. Their rates and services have helped them become so competitive in the Pakistani shoe market.

  • Regal Shoes

Regal Shoes is the right fit if you’re looking for inexpensive shoes of the peak quality. It’s a one-stop shop for all the looks for your feet. It started operating in the 1980s and has since established a name for itself in various busiest streets and famous malls in Pakistan. Once you enter Regal Shoes, you will step out with a well-manufactured pair because Regal Shoes never disappoint.


Without the ideal shoes to complete your look, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the highest level of confidence. For your convenience, we have compiled the top shoe brands for men and women in Pakistan. Hurry up, go and grab your favorite pairs before they run out!






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