Washing Machine Price In Pakistan- Your Guide To Find The Perfect Fit

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Today, when a person enters an electronic store to purchase any kitchen or household appliances, they are presented with many possibilities. As a result, they occasionally find it challenging to choose the greatest brand out of many options. The first thought that comes to mind when discussing the purchase of a new washing machine is selecting the best brand. People in Pakistan enjoy a wide range of alternatives. No one can take a risk while purchasing a washing machine because it is one of the most useful home appliances.

By reading this blog, you will learn about the best and most popular washing machine prices in Pakistan. And everything else you must consider before getting a washing machine for your laundry room.

To assist customers in making the best decision, we have only chosen the most dependable brands, keeping in mind that various purchasers will have different needs. Before buying a washing machine, a person can select from various alternatives, such as a front-loading machine, a top-loading machine, a fully automatic machine, a machine with a single tub, and a machine with a double tub. If you want a simple washing without a problem and have a fair budget, front-load washing machines are a great option. On the other hand, top-load washers are a good choice if you’re looking to buy a cheap washer in Pakistan that has essential functions. Alternatives like semi-automatic and completely automated have a variety of features as well, depending on your budget.

The top washing machine manufacturers in Pakistan are listed below. Examine them to determine which one best satisfies your cost and available washing area requirements.


Dawlance is among the most well-known brands of home appliances in Pakistan. The company was founded in 1980 and is a branch of the Turkish company Arçelik. Dawlance strives to keep its reputation for dependability while exposing its customers to cutting-edge technology.

The manufacture of refrigerators was where this business began. However, Dawlance has added microwaves, air conditioners, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and other kitchen appliances to its product lineup.

Dawlance has more than 40 years of expertise and is introducing products with cutting-edge technology and functionality. The business aims to satisfy customer expectations by providing goods at fair pricing. Dawlance manufactures top-loading and front-loading washing machines with exceptional features to satisfy all customers’ requirements.

In Pakistan, Dawlance washing machines can be purchased for as little as 55 Rupees; the estimated average cost is 44,470 Rupees. Visit Dawlance’s website to view the washing machine prices in Pakistan they are offering: https://www.dawlance.com.pk/


In Pakistan, SurperAsia is among the most popular washing machine brands. The washing machine is one of the SurperAsia household items easily accessible on the market. They offer a wide range of washers equipped with the newest technology, are power-efficient, and feature rapid air dryers.

Super Asia washing machines cost as little as 16,600 Pakistani rupees, with an estimated average price of 29,805. By visiting their website, Super Asia, you may find out the washing machine price in Pakistan: https://superasiastore.com/


Panasonic is the world’s top competitor in the market for home and kitchen appliances. It provides various consumer goods to satisfy customers’ basic needs. Washing machines are one of several goods that Panasonic manufactures. Therefore, Panasonic is undoubtedly one of Pakistan’s top washing machine brands. Stunning features like a full-touch user interface, a power wash system, a Hexa cube drum, etc., are included with Panasonic washing machines.

However, they offer top-load washing machines that are incredibly affordable, have a large capacity, a smart wash system, and many other amazing features. Additionally, every Panasonic washing machine is a powerful energy saver that can save your energy use by 40%.

Panasonic washing machines are available in Pakistan for as little as Rs. 72,000, and the projected average cost is Rs. 113,929. You can get an idea of washing machine prices in Pakistan by visiting their website, Panasonic: https://shop.panasonic.com/


You must choose a brand with sufficient features to accommodate your tastes if you want the right washing machine. The antibacterial technology, self-cleaning capability, and steam wash are some features that distinguish the Haier washing machine as the best among competitors. Every element has a significant command that helps the cleaning procedure go more smoothly. For instance, antibacterial technology eliminates bacteria from your clothing, while steam washing eliminates odors and ensures that the fibers of your clothing remain clean and fresh.

The cheapest Haier washing machine in Pakistan is Rs. 14,125, and the average cost is thought to be Rs. 46,211. For further information, you can check their website: https://www.haier.com/


This article is all about the top washer in Pakistan. We have tried to give you all the required knowledge to pick the best machine for your requirements. We have attempted to include all the information you require to make an informed decision. We hope our recommendations will help you choose the best washing machine in Pakistan for your needs and budget. You can buy the washing machine that appeals to you by following the links on this page.






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